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We're Moving Sparrow Forward

As the region’s only community-based, community-owned, community-governed health system, everything we do at Sparrow is based on responding to the healthcare needs of the people in our region. We have dedicated all of our resources and expertise – at our hospitals, doctor’s offices, urgent cares, and emergency departments – to delivering care to COVID-19 patients and all other patients during the pandemic. We have discharged over 100 patients who were treated for COVID-19 and are now able to resume their lives and return to their loved ones after receiving the best of Sparrow care.

Now, as the community moves forward, we are moving Sparrow Forward.

We are resuming time-sensitive procedures that were delayed as we responded to COVID-19. These procedures may not be emergencies, but to a cancer patient who needs care, or someone awaiting a new cardiac valve, they are urgent and not to be delayed. We know that in a COVID-19 world you turn to Sparrow to continue to treat your breast cancer, pneumonia, heart attacks, strokes, and much more. You and your loved ones are counting on us.

When you come back to Sparrow you will notice some things are different. You need to know that this is the safest place for your healthcare needs. We’re taking everyone’s temperature and asking how they are feeling and screening everyone for COVID-19 symptoms before you come in the building. This includes Sparrow caregivers, as well as our patients. Everyone wears personal protective equipment, from our employees to our patients, so that they can feel safe and comfortable.

You’ll notice some changes before you have surgery, too: Patients will be required to get tested for COVID-19 because we know that much of our community carries the virus and yet doesn’t have symptoms.

Going forward, Sparrow understands that families are a huge part of recovering from an illness. When a patient is sick, the families experience it and need information and we’ve learned to accommodate them through various mechanisms. We will call a patient’s family from the Emergency Department, their physician may contact you via a video visit and one family member may visit you at the bedside. iPads on our hospital floors allow patients and families to stay connected. All of this is aimed at making sure that the family is still included in the patient experience, because at Sparrow that’s important.

Sparrow Medical Group physicians are available by video conference, telephone, and in person if necessary. Because of the size and the scope of Sparrow Laboratories, we have been a leader in COVID-19 testing since the beginning of the pandemic. We are typically able to get results back from testing in a half-day.

As Mid-Michigan’s leading healthcare provider, we are committed to our patients and we are committed to Mid-Michigan getting back to work. Sparrow has many strategies and COVID-19 testing options for employers to ensure that their screening process is sound and rooted in science, and that test results come back promptly and accurately.

Look for much more information in the weeks to come about how we are moving Sparrow Forward.

Sparrow = Safety
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Sparrow = Safety

  • At Sparrow, our emphasis on safety means there’s no reason to delay your medical care
  • We screen everyone coming into any Sparrow site of care, whether they’re visitors, caregivers or patients, taking their temperature and checking for symptoms
  • We test anyone who exhibits symptoms and get results quickly because we have a world-class laboratory that’s been a leader in community testing
  • Our patients and caregivers can expect a clean environment
  • We’ve been at the forefront of providing personal protective equipment for our caregivers
  • We’ve reconfigured our space to maintain proper social distancing
  • We provide alternatives, like virtual care that helps you stay connected to your care team without going to a doctor’s office
  • MySparrow offers options to manage your care at

Sparrow Laboratories

Sparrow offers a complete array of lab services, quickly and accurately performing millions of tests each year.

Lab Locations
We have outpatient labs throughout Mid-Michigan for your convenience, including COVID-19 collection and/or drive thru blood draw sites.
View our list of lab locations and hours.

COVID-19 Test Results
You will be notified by email when your lab results are ready. Login to to view them. If you don’t have a MySparrow account, one will be created at the time of collection.  

Pricing for COVID-19 Collection 

  • COVID-19 Diagnostic lab test (Nasal Swab): $70
    (CPT/HCPCS 87635, U0002, U0003)
  • COVID-19 Antibody reference lab test (Blood Draw): $50
    (CPT 86769)

Please note that Sparrow bills insurances so the out of pocket cost is dependent on insurance/copay.

Flu Information

Getting your flu vaccination protects you and your family too!

A flu shot is recommended for anyone six months or older. Getting the vaccine not only protects you, but also protects those around you who may be more vulnerable to the virus, such as children and the elderly. A flu shot, along with proper hand washing, is the safest way to protect you, your family, and friends.

You can get your flu shots, at a competitive rate or FREE with most insurances, at our Sparrow Urgent Cares, FastCares, and select Walk-In Clinics. Visit for more information.

Helpful Flu Videos

Sparrow TCI (Thoracic and Cardiovascular Institute)

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Emergency Department

The Sparrow Emergency Department has taken extra steps to protect you and your loved ones during this unsettling time. As the only community-based health system in the area, it’s what you expect of us.

We know the hospital isn’t where you want to go. But while we urge you to continue to be vigilant against COVID-19, don’t ignore serious health concerns that require emergency care. Don’t wait to seek help for chest pains or stroke symptoms or other conditions that left untreated could you leave you gravely ill.

We assure you that it’s safe to come to the Sparrow Emergency Department. We stake our 124-year legacy on it.

We’ve been a national leader in testing our patients and the general public for COVID-19, along with implementing visitor restrictions, screenings and requiring face masks to be worn by all caregivers, patients and visitors. Sparrow has led the way in providing personal protective equipment for our incredible caregivers.

And don’t forget we’re the region’s only Level 1 Trauma Center, which means we are specially trained to handle the most severe emergency cases.

We’re also exceptionally prepared to care for your children. Our Granger Pediatric Emergency Department is the only hospital emergency center in Mid-Michigan especially focused on kids and their special requirements.

Kids are kids and COVID-19 or not, they still get injured and experience childhood illnesses that require emergency care. We’re a safe place for you to bring your children.

Sparrow Medical Group

Sparrow Medical Group is open and here to meet your healthcare needs.
At Sparrow, our top priority is always the health and safety of our patients, caregivers, physicians and the communities we serve. Sparrow Medical Group providers continue to offer exceptional primary and specialty care during the Coronavirus pandemic and moving forward. 

We urge you to continue to take care of your health needs. If you require primary care, urgent care or specialty care — such as cardiology — Sparrow Medical Group providers are here for you. 

We know that safety is a concern for everyone right now. As the region’s leader in care during the pandemic, Sparrow has developed rigorous safety measures for all of our sites of care. You are safe at Sparrow, regardless of whether you need to visit a Sparrow Medical Group provider, one of our Urgent Care sites, or the Emergency Department.

There are a number of ways you can safely stay connected with your Sparrow Medical Group provider, including video visits, traditional office visits, or phone calls. When you call a Sparrow Medical Group office to set an appointment, one of our caregivers will help you determine which type of visit will best meet your needs.

Sparrow Urgent Care locations are open 7 days a week from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. with locations in Lansing, East Lansing, Mason, Grand Ledge and Charlotte. For patients who prefer a virtual visit, Sparrow Urgent Care now offers video visits via Zoom. You can schedule your urgent care video or in-person visit at

If you don’t have a Sparrow primary care provider, call 1.800.Sparrow to join the Sparrow Medical Group family today.

Visitor Policy

Sparrow implements new visitor policy

The state has issued an order relaxing visitor restrictions for hospitals. As a result, Sparrow is placing into immediate effect new policies and practices to allow more visitors, while supporting and promoting the safety of our caregivers and the patients they care for.

While more visitors will be allowed, it’s important that we continue to practice strong precautions and that we limit contact as much as possible, for instance by encouraging patients to communicate with loved ones through an iPad. Our success in responding to the pandemic reflects the value of being vigilant and not letting down our guard.

The new hospital policies are as follows. Find out more detail on the latest order relaxing the standards

Visitor/Companion Policy for Inpatient Departments

For our adult inpatient departments, we will move to a policy of one visitor/companion per patient at a time in the room. For the Children’s Center, we will continue to have two parent/guardian visitors per patient.

Visitor/Companion Policy for ED/Outpatient/Ambulatory Departments

For all ED, Outpatient, and Ambulatory departments, we will continue to only have visitation/companion by exception. Our ability to provide safe social distancing standards in these settings is very limited. Department operational leaders have the authority to make exceptions for circumstances unique to their area(s) of responsibility, such as: Patients requiring a supportive care companion for patient safety or quality of care and Patients requiring a supportive care companion to successfully navigate the visit physically, mentally, or emotionally.

Sparrow News

» The Sparrow Michigan Athletic Club (MAC) is taking a unique approach to re-opening. Members will have to make appointments. However, members can take advantage of outdoor activities like swimming when they do schedule an appointment. The MAC says its a creative way to keep a handle on capacity and allow for proper social distancing. But, it provides members with an exclusive, amazing experience.
Wednesday, August 5

» Sparrow Hospital President Alan Vierling was interviewed by WLNS-TV6 on Thursday for stories on Sparrow’s preparedness if we see a surge in COVID-19 cases. He also had a chance to discuss Sparrow’s systemness.
Thursday, June 25 
6 p.m.:
11 p.m.:

»Sparrow’s Emergency Department is prepared and ready for all cases coming its way, COVID or non-COVID.
Tuesday, June 23 
Here’s the story on

»Dr. Kent VanGorder on moving Sparrow Forward
Wednesday, May 6
Sparrow Chief Medical and Quality Officer Karen Kent VanGorder, M.D., was interviewed for a Lansing State Journal story on how Sparrow is moving forward in a world with COVID-19 and is the safest place for healthcare. WILX-TV10 ran a similar story on its website:
Lansing State Journal:

»WILX-TV10 reports on Sparrow flattening the curve
Friday, May 1
A story showcased Sparrow’s success in flattening the curve of COVID-19 patients and in continuing to move Sparrow Forward:

»Dr. Kent VanGorder interviewed about return of elective surgeries
Monday, May 11
Karen Kent VanGorder, M.D., Sparrow’s Chief Medical and Quality Officer, was interviewed for a Lansing State Journal story on the return of many surgeries to Sparrow.

»Dr. Kent VanGorder interviewed on elective surgeries
Thursday, April 23
Karen Kent VanGorder, M.D., Chief Medical and Quality Officer, spoke about the status of elective surgeries for a story on WLNS-TV6:

»Dr. Kent VanGorder discusses healthcare post-pandemic
Thursday, May 28
Karen Kent VanGorder, M.D., Sparrow’s Chief Medical and Quality Officer, provided expert perspective for a Lansing State Journal story on what to expect in healthcare following the pandemic:

Sparrow Stroke Center

Dr. Mounzer Kassab reunites with young stroke patient
Thursday, June 11
Sparrow Neurologist Mounzer Kassab, M.D., delivered extraordinary care to young Gavin Ramizez four years ago, administering clot-busting medicine to the four-year-old after he had a stroke. A now-8-year-old Gavin and his mother had a reunion with Dr. Kassab on Thursday and local media was there:

Sparrow Stroke Center featured in LSJ story on stroke patient
Sunday, June 7
The Sparrow Stroke Center performs extraordinary work every day and there are many stories in the community that reflect it.
Here’s a Lansing State Journal article on an Eaton Rapids teacher who suffered a stroke on her 44th birthday and how Sparrow helped her recover. It features Anmar Razak, M.D., Director of the Sparrow Stroke Center:

»Sparrow caregivers featured as Healthcare Heroes
Monday, June 1
You’ll notice many Sparrow caregivers’ names among the Healthcare Heroes in a new Lansing State Journal feature. Be sure to nominate your own Healthcare Hero by the end of the month:

»PHP works with group to feed needy
Wednesday, May 13
We continue to benefit from the community’s generosity. Here are local stories on PHP working with a Grand Ledge organization to deliver meals to those in need:

»Dr. Stevens supports Sparrow baby care
Monday, April 27
OB/GYN Renee Stevens, M.D., spoke about the need for women to give birth in the hospital, amidst Coronavirus fears, in an interview on WLNS-TV6:

»Okemos woman expresses gratitude through painting
Thursday, June 11
An Okemos woman wanted to show her appreciation to caregivers in the best way she knew how – through her art. Here’s the story on WLNS-TV6:

»Environmental Services caregivers profiled in LSJ
Thursday, May 14
Our EVS caregivers have been quiet heroes during this pandemic, working tirelessly to assure their colleagues and the public that Sparrow is the safest place for their healthcare needs. The Lansing State Journal has a profile on the Sparrow EVS team’s efforts:

Sparrow Laboratories

Thursday, August 6
Responding to overwhelming demand, Sparrow Laboratories has achieved a milestone by performing more than 100,000 tests for COVID-19, becoming one of only a few hospital or private labs in Michigan to achieve that level.
Lansing State Journal:
Fox 47 News:

Monday, June 29
Multiple stories covered the expansion of our testing sites, due to incredible demand, featuring interviews with James Richard, D.O., Sparrow Laboratories Director. There was also coverage about new testing being offered near Sparrow Ionia Hospital:
Lansing State Journal:

Wednesday, June 17
Sparrow Laboratories has been an innovative state leader in testing for COVID-19 and that is continuing with the success of the Drive-Thru Services Center at Frandor.  Here’s media coverage on the site setting a one-day record for patients:
WLNS-TV6 story about testing offered by Sparrow Ionia Hospital:

County Health Officer tested at Sparrow Labs Drive-Thru center
Sunday, May 24
Following on the heels of Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s testing at the new Sparrow Labs Drive-Thru Services location, Ingham County Health Officer Linda Vail followed suit last weekend and sang the praises of the site. Here’s the media coverage:

Free Press reports on Sparrow as leading testing site
Tuesday, May 26

A Detroit Free Press story promoted Sparrow as a leading COVID-19 testing site statewide:

National attention over rollout of new lab center at Frandor
Friday, May 15

Sparrow has received national media attention over our announcement about converting the old Sears Auto Center at Frandor into a COVID-19 testing center. Here’s some of the coverage:
San Francisco Chronicle:
WMMT-TV (Kalamazoo):
Lansing State Journal:

Gov. Whitmer tested at new lab site
Thursday, May 21
There’s been extensive statewide coverage of Gov. Gretchen Whitmer being tested for COVID-19 Thursday at Sparrow’s Drive-Thru Services site at Frandor, showcasing Sparrow innovation and our service to the community. Here’s a sampling:
Detroit Free Press:
WEYI-TV (Flint):
WPBN-TV (Traverse City):
WZZM-TV (Grand Rapids):
WOOD-TV (Grand Rapids):
Lansing State Journal:


Sparrow is the leader in COVID-19 testing
Thursday, May 14
Sparrow made several important COVID-19 testing announcements in May, including Thursday’s May 14 news about antibody testing for the general public. Here’s some of the media coverage:
Lansing State Journal:


Physicians Health Plan - PHP


MySparrow Video Visits

Sparrow Health System now offers video visits with a Sparrow Urgent Care Provider via Zoom for non-emergent conditions. In order to participate in a video visit, you’ll need a MySparrow account and Zoom video software. If you don’t have a MySparrow account, you may sign up at any time by visiting and registering as a new user.

Mobile Users: You will need to have the MyChart application in order to access your video visit. Download at the links below:

To sign up for a MySparrow Video Visit, select the button below or visit

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