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Wear a mask. Save a life.

COVID-19 Vaccine Update

As the region’s only community-owned, community-based health system, Sparrow is proud to be Mid-Michigan’s leader in COVID-19 care, testing, and now distribution of the COVID vaccine.

Sparrow is committed to providing access to the vaccine for whoever wants it, but our distribution is limited by the amount of doses we receive from the federal government. We have already administered thousands of doses to Sparrow caregivers and those in related healthcare fields and are excited to begin distribution to the public, following the schedule set by state, local and federal authorities.

Our mission is to not only provide quality, compassionate care to our communities, but to be transparent about the care you receive. This page is aimed at providing a one-stop site for Sparrow’s distribution of the vaccine, how it works, possible side effects, and many other issues.

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We're Moving Sparrow Forward

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Sparrow is here for you

We’ve seen a major rise in COVID-19 positive cases in Mid-Michigan and that’s a concern to all of us.

As the region’s only community-based, community-owned health system, Sparrow continues to meet the needs of the Lansing area. Don’t neglect your healthcare. Sparrow remains open and safe.

Here’s how we’re ready and prepared:

» Performed more than 310,000 COVID-19 tests
» Improved access to testing and invested in high-speed platforms that allow us to process more tests
» Used innovative 3D technology to produce our own materials for testing
» You’re safe with us – Our over 115 sites of care offer comprehensive services using the most stringent safety standards
» Limited visitors to ensure the safety of our patients and caregivers
» Added more resources and capacity in case patient volumes continue to increase
» Well-stocked with personal protective equipment for our caregivers, patients, and visitors
» Required a face mask for everyone at any Sparrow site of care

We need your help.

The spread of COVID-19 is continuing and as the area’s only community-based, community-owned hospital system, we have a special stake in making sure you have all the resources you need to combat this virus.

Here’s what you need to know:


» Wear a face mask when around others
» Maintain a social distance of at least six feet from others
» Wash your hands frequently

Watch for these symptoms (ranging from mild to severe):

» Cough
» Shortness of breath or chest tightness
» Sore throat
» Nausea
» Body aches
» Loss of taste and/or smell
» Fever of 100 degrees F or greater

When to get tested:

» Get a COVID-19 test if you’re experiencing one of these symptoms or in advance of a surgical procedure.

Where to get tested:

» Go to for any of our convenient drive-thru testing sites

We, at Sparrow, promise to do our part and to continue our mission of protecting the community’s health. It’s what we do. Now, we need your help. Remember – Wear a mask. Save a life.

Sparrow Laboratories/COVID-19 Testing

Sparrow offers a complete array of lab services, quickly and accurately performing millions of tests each year.

  • Sparrow has streamlined its testing process by allowing patients to use our “System Checker” and MySparrow portal to register for a test. The self-registration is so easy it can be done within a couple minutes. The MySparrow app registration and login is available at

  • Sparrow is also expanding our testing capability to meet recent increases in demand and work toward a 1-2 day turnaround on results, far faster than most labs across the country.

  • The risk of relying on these rapid tests, and increasing the likelihood of unwittingly spreading the virus in the community, is too great, especially since the PCR nasopharyngeal swab method is so readily available at Sparrow.

  • Sparrow continues to offer tests to anyone who believes they need one and has been able to shorten the wait time for this gold standard process while still serving the needs of the community.

  • Sparrow St. Lawrence drive-thru site will only be used for COVID-19 testing for pre-op and pre-procedure patients. All others seeking a test will be referred to other testing locations.

Lab Locations

We have outpatient labs throughout Mid-Michigan for your convenience, including COVID-19 collection and/or drive thru blood draw sites.
View our list of lab locations and hours.

COVID-19 Screening Instructions and Testing Guide

The After Visit Instructions for screened patients will help you understand your test results.

The Testing Guide provides help using the MySparrow (MyChart) application, including creating an account and self-ordering a COVID-19 test with the Symptom Checker tool.

COVID-19 Test Results

You will be notified by email when your lab results are ready. Login to to view them. If you don’t have a MySparrow account, one will be created at the time of collection.

Pricing for COVID-19 Collection 

  • COVID-19 Diagnostic lab test (Nasal Swab): $70
    (CPT/HCPCS 87635, U0002, U0003)
  • COVID-19 Antibody reference lab test (Blood Draw): $50
    (CPT 86769)

Please note that Sparrow bills insurances so the out of pocket cost is dependent on insurance/copay.

Sparrow = Safety
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Sparrow = Safety

  • At Sparrow, our emphasis on safety means there’s no reason to delay your medical care
  • We screen everyone coming into any Sparrow site of care, whether they’re visitors, caregivers or patients, taking their temperature and checking for symptoms
  • We test anyone who exhibits symptoms and get results quickly because we have a world-class laboratory that’s been a leader in community testing
  • Our patients and caregivers can expect a clean environment
  • We’ve been at the forefront of providing personal protective equipment for our caregivers
  • We’ve reconfigured our space to maintain proper social distancing
  • We provide alternatives, like virtual care that helps you stay connected to your care team without going to a doctor’s office
  • MySparrow offers options to manage your care at

Sparrow COVID-19 Preparedness and Response Plan

The new Sparrow COVID-19 Preparedness and Response Plan contains a wide range of information for caregivers, including safety practices and protocols. It has been updated to cover more robust and inclusive overviews of safety practices and protocols; infection prevention strategies; visitor restrictions; and much more.

While the plan provides general guidance, it is important to please continue to follow your area’s current policies and procedures.

Medical Minute Videos

Flu Information

Getting your flu vaccination protects you and your family too!

A flu shot is recommended for anyone six months or older. Getting the vaccine not only protects you, but also protects those around you who may be more vulnerable to the virus, such as children and the elderly. A flu shot, along with proper hand washing, is the safest way to protect you, your family, and friends.

You can get your flu shots, at a competitive rate or FREE with most insurances, at our Sparrow Urgent Cares, FastCares, and select Walk-In Clinics. Visit for more information.

Helpful Flu Videos

Sparrow TCI (Thoracic and Cardiovascular Institute)

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Emergency Department

The Sparrow Emergency Department has taken extra steps to protect you and your loved ones during this unsettling time. As the only community-based health system in the area, it’s what you expect of us.

We know the hospital isn’t where you want to go. But while we urge you to continue to be vigilant against COVID-19, don’t ignore serious health concerns that require emergency care. Don’t wait to seek help for chest pains or stroke symptoms or other conditions that left untreated could you leave you gravely ill.

We assure you that it’s safe to come to the Sparrow Emergency Department. We stake our 124-year legacy on it.

We’ve been a national leader in testing our patients and the general public for COVID-19, along with implementing visitor restrictions, screenings and requiring face masks to be worn by all caregivers, patients and visitors. Sparrow has led the way in providing personal protective equipment for our incredible caregivers.

And don’t forget we’re the region’s only Level 1 Trauma Center, which means we are specially trained to handle the most severe emergency cases.

We’re also exceptionally prepared to care for your children. Our Granger Pediatric Emergency Department is the only hospital emergency center in Mid-Michigan especially focused on kids and their special requirements.

Kids are kids and COVID-19 or not, they still get injured and experience childhood illnesses that require emergency care. We’re a safe place for you to bring your children.

Sparrow Medical Group

Sparrow Medical Group is open and here to meet your healthcare needs.
At Sparrow, our top priority is always the health and safety of our patients, caregivers, physicians and the communities we serve. Sparrow Medical Group providers continue to offer exceptional primary and specialty care during the Coronavirus pandemic and moving forward. 

We urge you to continue to take care of your health needs. If you require primary care, urgent care or specialty care — such as cardiology — Sparrow Medical Group providers are here for you. 

We know that safety is a concern for everyone right now. As the region’s leader in care during the pandemic, Sparrow has developed rigorous safety measures for all of our sites of care. You are safe at Sparrow, regardless of whether you need to visit a Sparrow Medical Group provider, one of our Urgent Care sites, or the Emergency Department.

There are a number of ways you can safely stay connected with your Sparrow Medical Group provider, including video visits, traditional office visits, or phone calls. When you call a Sparrow Medical Group office to set an appointment, one of our caregivers will help you determine which type of visit will best meet your needs.

Sparrow Urgent Care locations are open 7 days a week from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. with locations in Lansing, East Lansing, Mason, Grand Ledge and Charlotte. For patients who prefer a virtual visit, Sparrow Urgent Care now offers video visits via Zoom. You can schedule your urgent care video or in-person visit at

If you don’t have a Sparrow primary care provider, call 1.800.Sparrow to join the Sparrow Medical Group family today.

Visitor Policy

Visitor Information

In response to the outbreak of COVID-19 and recommendations from the State of Michigan, Sparrow Health System has implemented new visitor guidelines and policies. Please visit or call 517.364.1000 for current visitation hours and policies.

Visitor Policy

Help us protect our patients.

New visitor guidelines have taken effect throughout Sparrow Health System with the goal of assuring the safety of patients, caregivers, and visitors.

» All visitors/companions will be screened and required to wear a mask

» Social distancing standards must be observed during your visit

» Visitors/companion under the age 18 are not permitted at this time

Sparrow Hospital only

» Sparrow will work with patients to identify two visitors who will be permitted visitation for the duration of the admission. In order to mitigate the risks to our caregivers, patient, and visitors, all other previously established guidelines will be followed (e.g. one visitor at a time for adults, two for pediatrics, etc.).

Inpatient departments

» Visiting hours: 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

» One visitor/companion in the hospital per patient

» Sparrow Children’s Center, two parent/guardian visitors per patient

» Waiting rooms will remain closed

Hospice/End of Life

» Two visitors only permitted during length of stay at Hospice House. The patient/family may select up to two people as designated visitors. If others wish to visit, accommodations can be made utilizing Zoom, FaceTime or other virtual options.

» One visitor/companion allowed in patient room at a time

Emergency department

» No visitors/companions

» One parent/guardian will be allowed per pediatric patient

We appreciate your cooperation and apologize for any inconvenience. All policies are subject to change.

» Sparrow Laboratories is once again acting as a trailblazer in use of technology and innovation in response to COVID-19.

Laboratory leaders showcased our new 3-D technology used to manufacturer our own nasal swabs, used by the thousands every week in testing.

» Sparrow Laboratories recently achieved a major milestone after processing its 200,000th COVID test.

The achievement was front-page news in the Lansing State Journal (see attached pdfs) and on local TV:

» Sparrow announced plans for a major development in downtown Lansing, an Outpatient Surgery Center.

» SHS President and CEO James Dover was interviewed on Dave Akerly’s morning radio show:

» The Sparrow Michigan Athletic Club (MAC)
is taking a unique approach to re-opening. Members will have to make appointments. However, members can take advantage of outdoor activities like swimming when they do schedule an appointment. The MAC says its a creative way to keep a handle on capacity and allow for proper social distancing. But, it provides members with an exclusive, amazing experience.

» Sparrow’s Emergency Department
is prepared and ready for all cases coming its way, COVID or non-COVID.

» Dr. Kent VanGorder on moving Sparrow Forward

Sparrow Chief Medical and Quality Officer Karen Kent VanGorder, M.D., was interviewed for a Lansing State Journal story on how Sparrow is moving forward in a world with COVID-19 and is the safest place for healthcare. WILX-TV10 ran a similar story on its website:

»Sparrow caregivers featured as Healthcare Heroes
Monday, June 1
You’ll notice many Sparrow caregivers’ names among the Healthcare Heroes in a new Lansing State Journal feature. Be sure to nominate your own Healthcare Hero by the end of the month:

»PHP works with group to feed needy
Wednesday, May 13
We continue to benefit from the community’s generosity. Here are local stories on PHP working with a Grand Ledge organization to deliver meals to those in need:

»Dr. Stevens supports Sparrow baby care
Monday, April 27
OB/GYN Renee Stevens, M.D., spoke about the need for women to give birth in the hospital, amidst Coronavirus fears, in an interview on WLNS-TV6:

»Okemos woman expresses gratitude through painting
Thursday, June 11
An Okemos woman wanted to show her appreciation to caregivers in the best way she knew how – through her art. Here’s the story on WLNS-TV6:

»Environmental Services caregivers profiled in LSJ
Thursday, May 14
Our EVS caregivers have been quiet heroes during this pandemic, working tirelessly to assure their colleagues and the public that Sparrow is the safest place for their healthcare needs. The Lansing State Journal has a profile on the Sparrow EVS team’s efforts:

Sparrow Laboratories

» Sparrow Laboratories achieves another COVID-19 testing milestone, performing its 300,000th test.

The achievement also highlights the PCR nasopharyngeal swab test as it continues to be the most accurate available.

» Sparrow Laboratories is once again acting as a trailblazer in use of technology and innovation in response to COVID-19.

Laboratory leaders showcased our new 3-D technology used to manufacturer our own nasal swabs, used by the thousands every week in testing.

» Sparrow Laboratories recently achieved a major milestone after processing its 200,000th COVID test.

The achievement was front-page news in the Lansing State Journal (see attached pdfs) and on local TV:

Thursday, August 6

Responding to overwhelming demand, Sparrow Laboratories has achieved a milestone by performing more than 100,000 tests for COVID-19, becoming one of only a few hospital or private labs in Michigan to achieve that level.

Monday, June 29

Multiple stories covered the expansion of our testing sites, due to incredible demand, featuring interviews with James Richard, D.O., Sparrow Laboratories Director. There was also coverage about new testing being offered near Sparrow Ionia Hospital:

Wednesday, June 17

Sparrow Laboratories has been an innovative state leader in testing for COVID-19 and that is continuing with the success of the Drive-Thru Services Center at Frandor.  Here’s media coverage on the site setting a one-day record for patients:

County Health Officer tested at Sparrow Labs Drive-Thru center

Sunday, May 24
Following on the heels of Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s testing at the new Sparrow Labs Drive-Thru Services location, Ingham County Health Officer Linda Vail followed suit last weekend and sang the praises of the site. Here’s the media coverage:

Free Press reports on Sparrow as leading testing site
Tuesday, May 26

A Detroit Free Press story promoted Sparrow as a leading COVID-19 testing site statewide:

National attention over rollout of new lab center at Frandor
Friday, May 15

Sparrow has received national media attention over our announcement about converting the old Sears Auto Center at Frandor into a COVID-19 testing center. Here’s some of the coverage:
San Francisco Chronicle:
WMMT-TV (Kalamazoo):
Lansing State Journal:

Gov. Whitmer tested at new lab site
Thursday, May 21
There’s been extensive statewide coverage of Gov. Gretchen Whitmer being tested for COVID-19 Thursday at Sparrow’s Drive-Thru Services site at Frandor, showcasing Sparrow innovation and our service to the community. Here’s a sampling:
Detroit Free Press:
WEYI-TV (Flint):
WPBN-TV (Traverse City):
WZZM-TV (Grand Rapids):
WOOD-TV (Grand Rapids):
Lansing State Journal:

Sparrow is the leader in COVID-19 testing
Thursday, May 14
Sparrow made several important COVID-19 testing announcements in May, including Thursday’s May 14 news about antibody testing for the general public. Here’s some of the media coverage:
Lansing State Journal:


Physicians Health Plan - PHP


On-Demand Video Visits

Sparrow Health System now offers on-demand video visits with a Sparrow provider for non-emergent conditions. Video visits require an audio/video connection through a smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer.  This service is available 7 days a week, from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. For more detailed information about video visits, please visit the On-Demand Video Visits information page.

Mobile Users: You will need to have the MyChart application in order to access your on-demand video visit. Download at the links below:

To sign up for a MySparrow On-Demand Video Visit, select the button below or visit



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